Rokka traditional taste which have been stubbornly kept over the years.

Rokkashuzo reached a state of light and dry. Joppari is a sake which cannot be gotten tired of drinking. Joppari is a word which means stubborn or obstinate in Tsugaru dialect. The name Joppari comes from its light and dry taste itself.

Joppari was born in 1960’s. At that time, sake in northern-east region had mainly thick and sweet taste. Against that social trend, we had produced a dry sake Joppari which was not resembled to any other sake with a stubborn and obstinate thought.

Generally dry sake has less after umami in our mouth because of the fresh texture. But Joppari has a dry texture and a lot of umami after taste. The tip is koji making which is a base of sake brewing.

Koji is a steamed rice koji-mold is propagated on it. It is an important element that creates umami and aroma of Japanese sake. To brew light and dry sake, it is general to adopt a standard koji-making method.
But in Rokkashuzo, we choose a method to create powerful rice-koji.
Being particular to the basic rice-koji making, the taste of Joppari is created.

Everything is born, grown and finished in Tsugaru.
This sake which our ideal spirit of sake making condensed is Rokkashozo’s Joppari.