The best choice especially for those who do not prefer Japanese sake.

Fresh and elegant texture makes this sake easy to drink. Tappi is a new Japanese sake which can be enjoyed by ladies, Tokubetsu Junmai-shu.

A brand sake named Joppari was already on the sale, but we were struggling to develop other new brand and completed a new brand sake Tappi in 2008.

Needless to say, Tappi was named after the Tappi cape which is located on the northern most part of the Tsugaru peninsula. Japanese sake Tappi is brewed with the water gushing out from the seabed of Tsugaru strait where the Seikan under-sea tunnel which connects Hosyu island and Hokkaido island is lying.

Cool climate can create this fresh and light after taste sake. The water from Tappi cape is alkalescent. It is softer than the underground water from Shirakami mountains which we use for other sake. It makes Tappi sake’s other characteristic, elegant taste. By keeping in cool tanks after brewering, texture becomes having a sharp after taste and also a smooth bite going down. Tappi is a best selectin which can be enjoyed by ladies who are not used to Japanese sake.

Limited brew Tappi can be enjyoyed a few weeks from the ship date. That’s why Tappi is a rare sake which attracts attention from sake lovers nationwide.

Nurukan(slightly warmed) or Atsukan(warmed hot) is recommended. Especially suits for dinner drink in winter season.