Tsugaru Kaikyo

Thick umami of rice made by an authentic French distilling pot

Authentic rice shochu Tsugaru Kaikyo has a thick and smooth texture as a ALC 40% liquor produced by umami of sake rice.

When we decided to brew rice shochu, a distilling pot we chose was one used in France which is a home of brandy.After that we imported one whole distilling pot and started to make shochu.Thick taste like western liquor is created by this pot.

ALC of shochu is usually 20% to 25%.

Japanese sake brewery Rokkashuzo can brew 40% strong shochu by redistilling with going to any expense.

Using rice produced only in Tsugaru area and redistilling by French distilling pot, we can provide you ALC 40% thick texture.

To make Tsugaru Kaikyo shochu, we need 500L raw sake for 100L product.That is why we can produce clear and matured taste of original rice.When drinking with ice or straight, the flavor stands out even more.In addition, the flavor of rice is even strong, it goes well with dishes seasoned with soy-sauce.