Mainbrand Joppari

Main brand of Rokkashuzo is Joppari Joppari refers stubborn or obstinate in Tusgaru dialect. We brew Joppari sake which is dry sake . In 1960’s when Rokkashuzo was established, sake with SMV 2 to 4 was popular. But the first chief brewer Mr.Takezawa create a dry sake with SMV 8 persisting in his belief. . Origin of the name Joppari is not from only its dryness but from persisting in brewer’s beliefs.

Main brand of Rokkashuzo Joppari

Joppari reminds us a red daruma

Joppari logo mark

A red daruma reminds us Joppari and Joppari reminds us a red daruma. Now these two have strong relations.

The red daruma which the motif is a picture drawn on the boby of popular Nuruyu Kokeshi doll in Kuroishi city gave us large impact on sales management to sell Joppari nationwide.

Now Joppari bottle with red daruma label is a trade mark of Rokkashuzo.

Enterprise Information

Company name The Rokkashuzo inc.
Establishment year 1972
Company representative Hiroshi Kitamura (representative director)
Business Sake Brewery
Head Office 217 Toyoda Mukaitonose Hirosaki-City Aomori-Prefecture Japan
TEL 81+ 172-35-4141
FAX 81+ 172-35-4147
Business hours 9:00-17:00 Weekdays
Closed: Saturday, Sunday and National Holidays


Rokka Sake Brewery appearance
The Rokkashuzo inc.