Daiginjo Joppari

By polishing sake rice ‘Yamadanishiki‘ produced in Hyogo prefecture, we collected dropping sake from moromi mash and age it at low temperature

Recommended for gifts

Ingredients rice(100% ‘Yamadanishiki’)
rice-koji(100% ‘Yamadanishiki’)
brewer's alcohol
Rice polishing rate37%
Yeast used Kyokai 1801 yeast
Raw water Underground water from the Shirakami Mountains
Alcohol content 15%
Sake degree +1.0
Acidity 1.2
Type Dry
Storage Method Keep away from direct sun light and store in a cool, dark place.
Best when consumed soon after opening
Volume and Price 1800ml 11,000yen (consumption tax included)
Others 1800ml:3 bottles in one box 33,000yen(consumption tax included)



Recommended way to drink

Room Temp