Plum Liqueur Joppari Ume Genshu

We Carefully hand-wash Bungo-Ume(plum) produced at Nanbu area in Aomori Prefecture, soak in sake, and age it

This is a plum liqueur (ume-shu) , well-balanced with strong taste, richness and distinctive sour flavor of plum

Ingredients Brewer's alcohol
Bungo Plum produced at Nanbu area in Aomori Prefecture
Raw water Underground water from the Shirakami Mountains
Alcohol content 18%
Storage Method Keep away from direct sun light and store in a cool, dark place
Best when consumed soon after opening
Volume and Price 720ml 1,650yen(with tax)
Others 6 bottles in one box 9,900yen(consumption tax included)

Recommended way to drink

straight(chill), with soda, on the rocks