Our sake brewed with Tsugaru method by Tsugaru brewer is not be gotten tired of drinking so called honest sake to enjoy as a liquor drunk with meals at their houses or restaurants The tip is to appreciate the humanity of Tsugaru unchanged since old times.
We cannot talk about our sake without referring to local apple farmers.
That’s because seasonal brewery staff members are local apple farmers.
Those farmers view annual issues about sake brewing from different aspects compared to us. And when we got stack, they have their own skills and ideas to deal with.
When we need to decide whether sake rice is good or bad, condition of polishing or soaking, they have quick-thinking different from manuals.
We hope you enjoy this Tsugaru unique sake

comments from our Toji (chief brewer)
Chief Brewer Toji

Limited brew products

Seasonally brewed Sake and just newly brewed Sake


Junmai-shu is made only with rice, rice koji and water. Its characteristic is rich aroma. Room temperature or slightly warmed is recommended.


Made with rice, rice koji, water, and brewery alcohol is added. Rice polishing rate is 60% or less(Daiginjo-shu: 50% or less). Fruity aroma for those who prefer enjoying sake flavor.


Made with rice, rice koji, water, and brewery alcohol is added. Rice polishing rate is 70% or less. Its aroma and taste are like Junmai-shu, but more dry and more mellow.

Rice shochu

Distilled liquor made of rice. Its characteristics are elegant aroma, umami and sweetness.


As sugar and herbs or fruits are added to distilled alcohol, ALC(Alcohol content) is lower than Sake and Shochu, relatively sweet and easy to drink.

Rice polishing (rate) refers to milling the rice’s outer surface.


Rokka traditional taste which has been stubbornly kept over the years

Rokkashuzo reached a state of light and dry. Joppari is a sake which cannot be gotten tired of drinking.
Joppari is a word which means stubborn or obstinate in Tsugaru dialect.
Everything is born, grown and ends in Tsugaru. This sake which our ideal spirit of sake making condensed is Rokkashozo’s Joppari.

The best choice especially for those who do not prefer Japanese sake

Fresh and elegant texture makes this sake easy to drink.
Tappi is a new Japanese sake which can be enjoyed by ladies.
Limited brew Tappi can be enjyoyed a few weeks from the ship date.
That’s why Tappi is a rare sake which attracts attention from sake lovers nationwide.

The traditional brand dates back to the foundation of Rokkashuzo

Unchanged taste we can feel at ease.
It is a Japanese sake a home in our heart of sake lovers in Tsugaru. Honjozo Genshu Kurako.
Before the foundation of Rokkashuzo, Kurako was produced by one of original brewery ‘Shiraume brewery’ , The best choice with history and tradition.
Being Genshu (raw Japanese sake), Kurako have been enjoyed as a cocktail base sake for years.
Kurako is a Japanese sake which still attracts a lot of sake lovers.

Thick umami of rice made by an authentic French distilling pot

Authentic rice shochu Tsugaru Kaikyo has a thick and smooth texture as a ALC 40% liquor produced by umami of sake rice.
By being redistilled in our French distilling pot, you can enjoy distinctive thick and smooth texture of ALC 40% shochu.