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About Rokka Sake brewery

All Sake brewing starts from Tsugaru and finishes in Tsugaru in Rokkashuzo.

Rokka Sake Brewery was established in 1972, when it merged 3 local breweries: Takashimaya Brewery, Shiraume Brewery and Kawamura Brewery. We have been brewing Japanese sake for over 300 years since the foundation of Takashimaya Brewery in Hirosaki in the Tsugaru region.

Old-fashioned, handmade sake

For those who are accustomed to sake on a regular basis, it has a nostalgic taste.


Our sake brewed with Tsugaru method by Tsugaru brewer is not be gotten tired of drinking so called honest sake to enjoy as a liquor drunk with meals at their houses or restaurants. The tip is to appreciate the humanity of Tsugaru unchanged since old times.


Challenge to keep sticking to "dry"

Mainbrand Joppari

Main brand of Rokkashuzo is Joppari Joppari refers stubborn or obstinate in Tusgaru dialect. We brew Joppari sake which is dry sake .
Origin of the name Joppari is not from only its dryness but from persisting in brewer’s beliefs.